Spray Paint a Light Fixture Like a Boss

Spray painting a light fixture is super easy and looks so unique. You can take a cheap $10 light fixture from Restore Habitat For Humanity and turn your breakfast nook (or anyRead More...
By : Natalie | Aug 1, 2016

Easier than the easiest shiplap wall tutorial and so cheap

Shiplap is so popular right now. It’s also a fun word. I think vintage sailor when I hear the word shiplap. And of course Joanna Gains….and we all love us some JoJo.Read More...
By : Natalie | Jul 31, 2016

Eclectic Breakfast Nook

Jenn loves color but also wants her space to feel like a grown up lives there. But not toooo old of a grown up. We picked a fun color pallet and addedRead More...
By : Natalie | Jul 29, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Oh. Em. Geeee!!! You. Guys. This cabinet makeover makes my heart sing. Like cabinets should not make me this happy BUT THEY DO!!!! My sister in law recently bought her first homeRead More...
By : Natalie | Jul 27, 2016

$7 Floating Shelves

While redoing our guest bathroom I wanted something large enough to take up space above the toilet but it couldn’t stick out too far and have someone hit their head. Even afterRead More...
By : Natalie | May 24, 2016

Guest Bathroom Reveal

Our little half bath off of the kitchen needed some personality. I thought I’d try something bold and if I hated it I could always easily change it. (Excuse our mirror. TheRead More...
By : Natalie | May 23, 2016

$15 Toilet Paper Holder Cell Phone Shelf

We all take our phones to the bathroom lets just admit that. If you’re a mom of young kiddos it’s the only 90 seconds you don’t have a baby on your hipRead More...
By : Natalie | May 23, 2016

DIY $6 Wall Headband Holder

 Guys I have to be honest. I don’t love this pink bathroom. I think the pink turns me off because our doors and trim our off white so it ends up lookingRead More...
By : Natalie | May 2, 2016

7 Tips to Find Great Things at Garage Sales

There are so many awesome places to find treasures in Kansas City. A lot of friends ask me where I find great deals so I thought it warranted a blog post nowRead More...
By : Natalie | Apr 15, 2016

$20 Pushpin Map

    So like most things right now I wish I would have gotten around to this a few months ago. But with 3 kids under the age of 8, working part time,Read More...
By : Natalie | Apr 15, 2016

Second Chance Cabinet Redo

I had a really hectic but fun week last week. The week before Easter is usually crazy when you work for a church but pretty high stress when you work for a churchRead More...
By : Natalie | Mar 31, 2016

The perfect height to hang your art

   Sometimes I’m amazed that the littlest tweak can make all the difference in the world. I read online that the perfect height to hang any piece of art is to haveRead More...
By : Natalie | Mar 10, 2016

7 Collage Wall Tips

Collage walls…we all love them…their randomness…their spontaneity…their bold-statement-making-ness so why the heck are they so hard to make look good?! Collage walls look like they were just randomly created, I threw thisRead More...
By : Natalie | Mar 3, 2016

Custom closet look for $100-no sanding, no painting, and no cuts

I don’t think I’m alone in wishing I could have a Carrie Bradshaw closet. Or at least the majority of those I see on Pinterest. But I’ve got 2 problems–a small closetRead More...
By : Natalie | Feb 27, 2016

Charlotte’s Nursery Room Reveal: Making the Most of a Small Nursery

When we were looking at our soon to be new house I was really pumped that there was an extra room in the house…would it be an office or a guest room orRead More...
By : Natalie | Sep 5, 2015

Cheap Dresser Makeover

With a surprise baby on the way and already having 2 kids I really couldn’t spend a lot of money on a nursery. Lucky for me, making the most of a smallRead More...
By : Natalie | Sep 5, 2015

$12 Kid Clothes Wall Hooks

Are mornings low stress at your house? I have to say that at the Cleveland house we’re working on that. This school year has so far been awesome (knock on wood) butRead More...
By : Natalie | Sep 1, 2015

$15 DIY adjustable crib skirt

A sewing project?! What the what?! I’m not a seamstress. This was actually my first project ever with a sewing machine and my Aunt Tina was showing me the ropes. It wasRead More...
By : Natalie | Aug 18, 2015

Kylie’s Snow White Room Reveal

Spray paint. Estate sale items. Thrifted items. Recycled Items. And more spray paint. That sums up Kylie’s room! When we moved into our new house and dreamed up Kylie’s room I thinkRead More...
By : Natalie | Aug 9, 2015

$20 Window Cornice

Window cornices. Window valance. Window box. My husband calls it the thing above the window. Whatever you call it, they’re awesome and they add so much to your window! There are soRead More...
By : Natalie | Aug 2, 2015

Free Mermaid Shower Printables

I used to LOVE the Little Mermaid when I was a girl. My parents were so annoyed with me for singing the songs alllll the time and watching the movie everyday. It’sRead More...
By : Natalie | Jul 24, 2015

$10 Kid Art Display

My youngest child, soon to be middle child, loves to display her artwork everywhere. She’s proud of everything she makes (what a great quality) but sometimes it’s overwhelming on a fridge. SheRead More...
By : Natalie | Jul 14, 2015

$37 Plywood Chevron Accent Wall

My oldest daughter is loving her room. I am so glad she’s happy but I’m really happy this project is over to be honest. I knew this one would be a lotRead More...
By : Natalie | Jul 10, 2015

Presley’s Wolverine Room Reveal

My oldest daughter is loving her room. I am so glad she’s happy but I’m really happy this project is over. Presley is a super smart tom boy that loves all thingsRead More...
By : Natalie | Jul 8, 2015

$80 DIY Sliding Door

You. Guys. I think I’m freaking out over a door…yes a door. I love our house but for some reason there wasn’t a door between our master bedroom and master bathroom. MyRead More...
By : Natalie | Jun 27, 2015